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Eternity Consulting advises clients on corporate and personal tax preparation, wealth preservation, and succession planning. It is never just an annual tax engagement but an ongoing and comprehensive analysis of services that benefit you, the corporation, the trust, and your family.

Clients start with cost savings from the very beginning, with big firm supports offered at affordable service rates.

Plan Your Financial Future with Eternity Consulting

In today’s complex financial landscape, our expert advisors are here to help you navigate the uncertainties and design a customized plan that aligns with your unique financial goals and aspirations.

Elevated Experiences | Superior Results

Eternity Consulting advises clients on corporate and personal tax preparation, wealth preservation, and succession planning. It is never just an annual tax engagement but an ongoing and comprehensive analysis of services that benefit you, the corporation, the trust, and your family.

Clients start with cost savings from the very beginning, with big firm supports offered at affordable service rates.

There are no obligations – only untapped opportunities. 

What we do:

Financial Integrity Advisors

As dedicated financial educators, we prioritize ethical practices above all. We ensure your financial interests are paramount, offering impartial advice tailored to benefit you exclusively. Our commitment is to transparency and professionalism, providing clear explanations for all available options.

As professionals in finance, our ethical commitment is unwavering. We place your financial well-being above all, providing advice that’s solely for your benefit. Count on us for clear, detailed insights into each investment choice.

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Is Your Business Ready for Tax Season?

As the tax deadline approaches, Eternity Consulting is here to ensure you’re prepared, taking the time to provide solutions that take away the stress that comes with filing taxes.

Don’t wait until the last minute, we are here to help.

Visit our contact page and connect with us to handle all your financial needs efficiently.

We’re here to make tax time hassle-free.

There are no obligations – only untapped opportunities. 

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Personalized Approach
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Financial Management
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Detailed Reports

Around-the-Clock Financial Guidance

At Eternity Consulting, we understand that financial questions and concerns don’t adhere to a regular schedule. That’s why our financial advisory services are dedicated to responding within 24 hours of messages we receive. Whether you have a pressing financial issue, want to discuss a new investment option, or need guidance on future financial strategies, our team of expert advisors are here to assist you to move forward quickly.

Comprehensive Services for Your Financial Needs

The major purpose of Eternity Consulting is to provide comprehensive, individualized financial planning services. We carefully assess your financial situation and goals. Our staff creates customized financial plans that meet your goals and contain clear strategy and procedures.

Our financial services are extensive. Our retirement planning services prepare you for the future. Your money develops with diligent investment management. Strategic tax planning maximizes financial returns. Estate planning helps preserve your heritage, so we discuss it often.

Reaching financial goals takes time and effort. To keep your financial plan relevant to your life and money, we provide ongoing support and make improvements.

Tailored Portfolio Solutions

Eternity Consulting makes sure that your investment plan fits your risk tolerance and financial goals. Our investment management takes into account both your goals and the way the financial markets work.

Then, we use asset allocation and portfolio diversification to make a plan that fits your needs. We can help you reach your financial goals while giving you peace of mind and a good business experience.

Our role is to advise on financial strategies and solutions that are right for you today, tomorrow, and for your family’s future, without taking control of your investments.

Retirement Planning

We want you to live a secure and fulfilling retirement that meets your future plans. We begin by discussing your retirement plans with the focus of understanding and discussing how much money you will eventually need to achieve your goals.

Our approach is to properly plan retirement savings and withdrawals. We outline how to maximize RRSPs and other investment options in Canadian financial goods, saving more and using smart withdrawal ways to maximize profits and minimize taxes.

Eternity Consulting creates dedicated strategies, carefully creating plans for retirement and financial freedom in your golden years.

Streamlined Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer

Eternity Consulting excels at wealth transfer and estate planning. Our goal is to efficiently transfer your wealth to your children and beneficiaries while reducing estate taxes.

Our estate planning is comprehensive and customized. Every scenario is different, thus we customize our plans. Trusts, wills, and estate planning are all important components of wealth transfer. These essential and strategic options provide you more control and lower taxes.

Legacy planning is critical to our services and your future. You can pass on values and life lessons along with wealth, ensuring that your estate plan is more than just paper.

Eternity Consulting – Who We Are
Belle Lumani - Eternity Consulting in London Ontario.
Belle Lumani

Empowering Your Financial Journey for Stress-Free Results

Belle Lumani

Belle’s Wholistic Philosophy: Belle believes in the power of financial literacy as a tool for empowerment. She is passionate about educating her clients, helping them understand complex financial concepts, and making informed decisions. Her philosophy is simple – actionable knowledge is power. By equipping her clients with the necessary tools and information, she empowers them to take control of their financial future.

Client-Centric Approach: Belle’s approach is client-centric, whether it is an individual, a business, or a corporation. She takes the time to understand each client’s unique financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance. This personalized approach allows Eternity Consulting to design a financial plan that aligns with the client’s lifestyle and aspirations.

Community Involvement: Belle is also deeply involved in her community. She regularly hosts financial literacy workshops and seminars, sharing her expertise with those who may not have access to such resources. She believes that everyone, regardless of their background or income level, should have the opportunity to achieve financial wellness. Through her work, Belle is not just changing individual lives, but also making a positive impact on her community.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies: Withdraw from tax-free or tax-deferred accounts strategically to minimize tax impact.
  • Income Splitting: Consider splitting pension income with a spouse to reduce the overall tax burden.
  • Tax Credits and Deductions: Utilize available credits like the Age Amount, Pension Income Credit, and Medical Expense Tax Credit.
  • Investment Income Types: Focus on capital gains and dividends, which are taxed more favorably than interest income.
  • TFSA Contributions: Maximize Tax-Free Savings Account contributions, as withdrawals are not taxable.
  • Will and Estate Planning: Ensure your will is up-to-date and reflects your current wishes.
  • Power of Attorney: Assign a trusted person to manage your affairs if you’re unable to do so.
  • Healthcare Directives: Have clear instructions for healthcare preferences.
  • Beneficiary Designations: Regularly review and update beneficiaries on insurance policies and retirement accounts.
  • Trusts: Consider setting up trusts to manage how your assets are distributed.
  • Budgeting and Expense Management: Create a realistic retirement budget and track expenses.
  • Investment Strategy: Maintain a diversified portfolio suited to your risk tolerance and retirement timeline.
  • Withdrawal Rate: Adopt a sustainable withdrawal rate from your retirement savings, often suggested around 4% annually.
  • Annuities: Explore annuities for a consistent income stream.
  • Professional Advice: Regularly consult with a financial advisor to adjust plans as needed.
  • Life Insurance: Utilize life insurance policies to provide a tax-free inheritance.
  • Charitable Giving: Consider bequests or setting up a charitable foundation for tax-efficient legacy giving.
  • Family Trusts: Use trusts to allocate assets to family members while managing how and when they receive them.
  • Estate Freeze: An estate freeze can lock in current asset values for tax purposes, benefiting future generations.
  • Clear Communication: Discuss your intentions with family to avoid misunderstandings
  • Long-Term Care Insurance: Consider insurance to cover long-term care needs.
  • Healthcare Savings: Build a reserve fund specifically for healthcare expenses.
  • Government Programs: Understand and plan for what is covered by government healthcare and what isn’t.
  • Healthcare Directives: Have clear healthcare directives in place.
  • Regular Health Check-ups: Maintain good health practices to potentially reduce future healthcare costs.
  • Risk Tolerance Adjustment: Gradually shift towards more conservative investments as you age to protect your capital.
  • Asset Allocation: Regularly review and adjust your asset allocation to balance growth, income, and risk.
  • Diversification: Ensure your portfolio is diversified across different asset classes and geographies.
  • Liquidity Needs: Increase the proportion of liquid assets to meet short-term needs without selling off investments at a loss.
  • Professional Guidance: Work with a financial advisor for personalized investment advice.
  • Primary Residence Exemption: Understand the exemption on capital gains for your primary residence.
  • Rental or Investment Property: For non-primary residences, calculate capital gains tax obligations.
  • Pre-Sale Planning: Consider strategies like timing the sale or making renovations to optimize tax outcomes.
  • Defer Taxes: Explore options like a 1031 exchange (in applicable regions) to defer taxes on investment property.
  • Consult a Tax Specialist: Property taxes can be complex, so professional advice is crucial.
  • Prioritize High-Interest Debt: Aim to pay off high-interest debts like credit cards first.
  • Mortgage Considerations: If you have a mortgage, assess whether it’s better to pay it off or maintain it for tax benefits.
  • Debt Consolidation: Consider consolidating debts into a lower-interest loan.
  • Budgeting: Maintain a strict budget to avoid accruing new debts.
  • Seek Advice: Consult a financial advisor for strategies tailored to your specific situation.
  • Immediate Benefit: Gifting allows heirs to benefit immediately and can help with their current financial needs.
  • Tax Implications: Understand potential tax implications for both donor and recipient.
  • Estate Size Reduction: Gifting can reduce the size of your estate, potentially lowering estate taxes.
  • Loss of Control: Once gifted, you no longer control the asset.
  • Emotional Rewards: Gifting can offer emotional satisfaction of seeing your heirs enjoy their inheritance.
  • Open Communication: Have honest conversations with your children about your financial capacity and retirement goals.
  • Set Boundaries: Clearly define what financial support you can offer without jeopardizing your retirement.
  • Teach Financial Independence: Encourage and educate your children on financial independence and responsibility.
  • Budgeting for Support: Include any regular support in your retirement budget.
  • Professional Advice: Consult with a financial advisor to ensure any support given is sustainable.

Effective planning, smart investments, and careful spending management are now very important, even critical to your future. Live the way you want to, now and for eternity.

The key is to find a way to live that doesn’t waste money and makes your savings last.

Take the first step today toward your journey of financial security and legacy wealth management with Eternity Consulting.

Our services are Canada wide (excluding Quebec) – our services are personal, our offices are virtual, and our focus is your financial future.